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‘A master of scorn’ – David Marr on Tony Abbott

In his new Quarterly Essay, David Marr focuses on the past and person that is Tony Abbott, and speculates on the type of Prime Minister he could be. The Quarterly … Continue reading

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Welcome to a continent with a real immigration problem

First published in The Punch on 1st August, 2012. Barely a week goes by when the problem of asylum seekers and boat people hits the headlines in some fashion. And … Continue reading

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Will the Governator be back?

When Arnold Schwarzenegger finishes his term as Governor of California next year, it will possibly be the end of what has been an eventful six year political career. While the … Continue reading

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Ambassador for the Australian mentality

First published in The Punch on 3rd September, 2010 Listen to the complete interview with Richard Woolcott. During the recent election campaign, any significant attention to our place in the … Continue reading

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Goodbye naughty chair, it's time for the Latham

First published in The Punch on 25th August, 2010 It took a brave (and bitter) kind of former politician to stand in front of the camera on 60 minutes, and … Continue reading

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The news we want versus the news we get

First published on The Punch on 17 August, 2010 Did you hear the news about the stripper from the Gold Coast whose breast implants exploded while wrestling a crocodile? No? … Continue reading

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Fair Dinkum pollies, enough with the slang

First published on The Punch on 11th August, 2010 With the election running faster than a ‘roo on the hot desert’, the Australian slang and euphemisms have been coming thick … Continue reading

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